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Off-the-Grid Air Conditioning and Electricians

DIY Solar-Powered Aircon Unit

Uk Solar Power Experiment

Sun-powered air cooler. (Photo Credits)

When trying to bring down utility costs it will always be a great idea to tap renewable energy. Solar power for instance is being used by more and more homes nowadays because it is a practical choice in the long run.

Air conditioning consumes a lot of power, and it may be best to try tapping renewable resources to power this home appliance. Builders and Contractors

Instructables gave a lowdown on how to make a do-it-yourself solar powered air conditioning unit.

“For 1 kilowatt and higher you want a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controller. Basically it gives higher efficiency, can accept a higher voltage to deliver the amps into the battery bank. I use the outback flexmax 80amp mppt controller. It’s the best in class for the industry and it’s worth every cent of its cost. It’s fully programmable and can handle up to a 60 volt Dc battery bank.”

Electrician’s First Aid for Electric Shock

Read the whole instructional guide here.

How it is done

According to Green Building Elements, Solar Powered Air Conditioning is really great at lowering expenditures. Electricians

“The air conditioning system uses trough collectors to capture solar heat of around 150 to 200° C (302 to 392° F) and then store it in a 2,000-liter (528-US gal) thermal oil tank. Utilizing a heat cascading design, heat from the tank is used to heat the center’s ambient air in the winter and power an indirect evaporative cooler to cool the center in summer. The roof space required for the solar air-conditioning technology can be 40 percent less than a traditional single-stage desiccant system.”

Read more here.

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The website, The Homestead Survival shared a video guide in making an off-the grid air conditioning system.

What Electricians say about Power Fluctuation

“The author lives in an OTG home but tells how he did not believe that air conditioning could be run on this concept. Summer can become quite frustrating without some cooling relief and it can affect your health. It is hard to find sleep if you are too uncomfortable from the heat. This was the reason the author found a way to have an off grid air conditioner.”

Watch the video clip here.

Energy savings will always be worth the Do-It-Yourself effort.

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The Benefits of Hiring Electrician Contractors

Take advantage of the expertise and equipment

Commercial electrical contractor

The advantages of hiring expert electrical contractors. (Photo Credits)

Although electrical contractors and licensed electricians both carry out electrical jobs, there is still a marked difference between the two. For one, electrical contractors may be licensed professional electricians but not all licensed and certified electricians could call themselves electrical contractors. American Lighting Association  

This is because electrical contractors are running a business and could be already employing other electricians for specific projects. Licensed electricians on the other hand can undertake projects but may not be able to sub contract, and may not undertake big projects that would require industrial equipment.

The website First Class Portal enumerated the benefits of hiring electrical contractors. “Electrical contractors are adept when it happens to the new technologies connected to electrical systems. Actually, they usually attend refresher programs to produce on their own abreast aided by the most up-to-date in electrical programs and restore. It will enable them to very easily regulate to unique scenarios especially once they function with different households and buildings.”

Electrician’s Advice on Buying an Older Home

Read the full article here.

Expert Service

The website Precision says hiring expert electricians will always be more efficient than undertaking an electrical project on one’s own no matter how much savings one initially foresees. Master Electrician

“If you DIY an electrical project or hire an inexperienced friend to handle it, odds are you may have to hire a professional anyway just to fix the job later. However, with a professional doing the job the first time, it should be done correctly with no need for last-minute emergency fixes later. Take it from experienced electricians: electricity-related surprises are the worst types of surprises.”

Check out the rest of the article here.

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Both certified electricians and electrical contractors on the other hand can undertake simple jobs. Just like home inspections, as published in the website Inside Dalton.

“Most people will do a home inspection prior to buying a home but very few will hire an electrician to do a thorough check of their home’s electrical.  A home inspector is not allowed to touch the electrical panel.  There are so many issues that can exist in your home’s electrical and if you work with an electrician in hand with a house inspector you will be able to identify all of the potential hazards that could lead to costly and even dangerous issues down the road.”

Electricians and Copper Wires

See the continuation here.

Electrical contractors should always be the top of mind choice when it comes to long-drawn big projects that would require more expertise, and industrial equipment.

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Electricians and electrical contractors

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Electricians and electrical contractors

All about a career in the industry

What is in store for electricians and contractors? (Photo Credits)

Being an electrician or becoming an electrical contractor is never easy. It may be a high paying job, but it has its own share of risks.

The good thing about it though is that it is a highly specialized skill that relatively pays well. In England, the website Construction Enquirer reported that there is a surge in the demand for electrical work. American Lighting Association 

“Latest research from the Electrical Contractors’ Association showed the industry’s smaller and major players were the strongest performers in the final quarter of 2015.”

Electricians and Copper Wires

Check out the report here.

Possible shortage of workers

The Southwire Blog meantime shared that they have started conducting trainings in partnership with other organizations to plug a potential shortage for electricians. Master Electrician

“The construction industry could face a shortage of more than 1.6 million workers over the next half decade. Despite offering high wages for in-demand and highly skilled positions, 600,000 skilled jobs are going unfilled, and 10 million new tradespeople are needed by 2020. Southwire, among other forward-looking companies, is preparing young workers to fill that potential skills gap through training and apprenticeship programs. To build strong relationships with younger, less experienced electricians, we are collaborating with National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) to train the next generation of electrical workers.”

Read the rest of the article here.

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Business Journal Daily meantime featured an endeavor of a group of electrical contractors and electricians in helping out their fellow workers in the industry.

“A joint labor-management committee of union electricians and electrical contractors in the Mahoning Valley has established a scholarship at Youngstown State University to help its members earn college degrees. The Mahoning Valley LMCC (Labor Management Cooperation Committee) Scholarship was funded by an endowment from International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 64 in Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association. The scholarship will be awarded beginning in the fall semester of 2016.”

Electrician Installs Garage Lighting

Read the whole feature here.

Electrical work is indeed in demand nowadays.

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Electrician’s Advice on Buying an Older Home

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Electrician’s Advice on Buying an Older Home

Electrical Details of an Older House


What to check before buying an older home. (Photo Credits)

Being safety conscious is very important when buying an older home.

After all electrical details should be examined, and should be safe for all occupants. Electricians for instance says electrical fixtures should be among the first things to be checked when buying an older house.

“Unrenovated homes might also have knob-and-tube wiring, the early electrical systems that were common until the 1930s. Ceramic knobs and tubes run through the floor joists or wall studs, carrying electricity throughout the home. However, the rubber insulation can degrade and create a fire hazard. And without GFCI outlets (ground-fault circuit interrupters, which trip the circuit if there is a surge in current), the system isn’t grounded. Fixing it is pricey, so get ready—and start working on getting estimates from some good electricians.”

Electricians and String Lights

Read about it here.

Outdated Wiring

Apartment Therapy also mentioned outdated wiring as a red flag when buying an older home. Builders and Contractors

“Unless the wiring in your home is faulty and/or poses a major fire risk, it will likely come up during your home inspection as simply a soft recommendation—e.g. “We suggest you replace the current electrical system” or “We suggest you have an electrician examine your wiring.” This may give you false sense of security, since it wasn’t a big enough issue to cause a hitch in the home buying process, but it’s wise to heed the advice. We’ve already spent over $2000 for electricians to fix issues in our home that have resulted from our old wiring, so it’s certainly something worth noting—especially since the type of wiring often found in older homes (generally knob and tube or aluminum) can be very expensive to replace.”

An electrician’s bathroom lighting tips

Check out the whole article here.

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Comfree Living suggests that when buying an older home, wiring systems should be carefully inspected to avoid larger costs once a buyer has already bought the item.

“It is critical for you to find out exactly how old the electrical wiring is in the house. The majority of older homes still use the knob-and-tube wiring. This wiring poses a dangerous fire risk, especially in the attic where insulation often hides knob-and-tube wiring. Although the system probably works, it was not built to handle the amount of electricity consumers use today. When inspecting a home’s electrical system, the best place to find knob-and-tube wiring is in the basement. You must also inspect the breaker panels in older homes for any deterioration or signs that arcing or burn marks exist. Unfortunately, many consumers who buy older homes are under the impression that breaker panels last a lifetime and there is no need to check them. This mindset can lead to dangerous electrical conditions and fire hazards threatening the safety of any home.”

Read about it here.

Buying an older home can indeed be challenging.

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Electricians and Copper Wires

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

What Electricians say about Power Fluctuation

The Reasons for Electrical Fluctuation

No title

When lightning strikes power and grid lines, power fluctuation may occur. (Photo Credits)

Electrical fluctuations are not an uncommon occurrence in a household especially when there are weather disturbances that can affect power supply.

But if the voltage fluctuations happen only to one home, instead of the whole neighborhood or apartment complex, and it happens fairly often then it may be time to call a licensed electrician for a home visit.

Here are possible reasons for electrical fluctuations: (1) Lightning striking near power lines; (2) Poor power distribution — This usually happens when the power infrastructure in an area suddenly cannot supply the electricity demands in the same area. Just like what had happened to a group of RV Campers in Maumee Bay State Park as reported by ABC13 in its official webpage. Master Electrician

“Electrical service surged, off and on, throughout portions of the weekend. Those who brought their campers and RVs to this state park had to tough out the humidity without air conditioning. Some of the campers were simply not prepared, and neither was the local electrical grid. A spokesperson with ODNR says the grid was designed 30 years ago, when recreational vehicles were smaller and required less electricity.”

The Creative Side of Electricians

Watch the video here.

and lastly, (3) Damaged Power Lines. Corroded power lines can cause flickering and surging electrical power.

Traits of an Expert Electrician

The Dangers of Fluctuating electricity

NBC Los Angeles meantime reported about a flare that occurred in a neighborhood which was allegedly due to power fluctuations. American Lighting Association

“SoCal Edison workers found a Mylar, or metallic, balloon on lines that go directly to the refinery, but authorities did not immediately confirm the balloon caused the fluctuation, which involves changes in voltage. The Torrance Fire Department said the burn-off was not planned. The refinery had to report a flaring notification to the South Coast Air Quality District.”

Read the rest of the report here.

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But what can be done with power fluctuations? shared Spanish Researchers came up with a solution. “A research team from the Technical University of Madrid and the University of Navarra (UPN) has developed a new solar simulator that can predict with accurary power fluctuations in grid-connected PV installations. The new technology was tested on a group of large-scale PV plants located in the same region. The two universities claims their new tool will enable grid operators to better integrate solar energy in electricity networks.”

Read the rest of the material here.

When power fluctuations happen in a home it will be best to consult a qualified electrician to ensure the safety of the whole household.

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Electrician contractors get busier with solar installation

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

Whole House Safety Inspections

Periodic Electrical Safety Inspections are essential in maintaining a home that is safe from the dangers of electrical shock, and electric related incidents and injuries such as fires and burns. We at Green Electric Solutions offer periodic electrical maintenance inspections for the whole home to ensure safety and prevent inconveniences related to electrical issues.

A full-home safety inspection will always be beneficial, especially when carried out on an at least annual basis so that concerns can be nipped in the bud, and damage to property and injuries can be prevented. Improper use and installations, sub-standard materials, as well as usual wear and tear are just some of the areas that we check even in a relatively newer home. Rodent and human damage are also likely causes of wiring and electrical concerns that cause power outages, inconveniences, and even surges that may damage appliances and other electronic devices.

Catching electrical issues early on before they get blown-out of proportion will also minimize the financial damage that it can cause. Apart from scheduling annual checks, when are you supposed to request electrical safety inspections?

Here are the scenarios:

  1. When moving to an older home. The electrical fixtures may already be outdated, and the capacity of electrical supply may be less than what you actually need.
  2. When purchasing a new home. Even relatively newer houses may have electrical issues, hence it is in your best interest to have a certified electrician look through the electrical fixtures in the home that you are eyeing to buy. During this periodic check, the electrician will inspect the electrical panel the wirings, the outlets, as well as the other fixtures in the home which may possibly become electrical issues in the future. Should the electrician’s evaluation reveal that a rewiring is needed or a panel upgrade is due, then you may mention this to your agent so that he or she can make necessary arrangement with the property seller.
  3. When you are remodeling a home. A safety inspection will be needed as you renovate your current home so that you will be informed whether your panel can still handle the additional demand in electricity the renovation may bring about. They will also check existing outlets, circuits and wirings to ensure that the home is adhering to the National Electric Code guidelines.
  4. When selling a property. As a responsible property seller, you should also see to it that an appropriate electrical maintenance check is carried out even before putting up your property for sale. This is to help maintain the value of your home (homes with electrical concern tend to be discounted) and at the same time be able to answer all the questions of your property agent, and prospective buyers.

What happens during a safety inspection?

Our certified electricians will walk through your whole premises to find out if there are electrical issues within your residential property. Our electrician will check your electric panel, your wirings, your circuits, your switches, the outlets, as well as the appliances that you usually use round-the-clock like air conditioning units, refrigerators and the like. Our electrician will ensure that everything is running smoothly and that there are no electrical issues in the offing.

Our certified electrician shall also test electrical loads in your breaker to ensure that overloading does not take place. More importantly, we will inspect and evaluate if your home is complying with the NEC Guidelines. Our electricians are abreast with the latest electrical codes to ensure the safety of all the properties that we work on. At Green Electric Solutions, your safety is our primary concern.

Call us up now for your home safety inspection schedule.

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Wiring – Rewiring

Residential and Commercial Full Wiring Services

Green Electric Solutions specializes in wiring services for both commercial and residential properties. There is no jo that is too small or too big for us, as we can help you with wiring repairs, up to the updating of your outdated aluminum wiring system to copper wiring – which is touted as the better, and safer wiring alternative for homes and commercial establishments.

Electrical Wiring Services in San Diego

As the leading electrician contractor services in the San Diego area, we at Green Electric Solutions have the expertise and the right supplies and equipment that are essential to all rewiring requirements. We see to it that all the rewiring services that we render comply with the latest guidelines of the National Electric Code to ensure the safety of your family and to avoid preventable home damage cause by electrical fires.

When we create wiring connections for every fixture in your home, we make it a point to carefully inspect all these to ensure that all wirings that we have installed are durable and solid.

We also make it a point that your electrical panel or fuse box are properly installed, and easy to operate if and when an emergency occurs and you need to shut it off. We are also known for installing neat and properly organized fuse boxes that will ensure that you will see appropriate labeling when you need to fix something in your electrical wiring system. All these we undertake to ensure your safety and protection from electrical accidents.

Knob and Tube Rewiring

At Green Electric Solutions, we are very proficient when it comes to updating phased out electrical fixtures like knob and tube wiring. We are experts in the removal of these types of wiring fixtures in view of replacing them with safer and more modern alternatives that meet the current guidelines of the National Electric Code. Installation of copper wiring has been one of our most sought-after services given the expertise that our tea, has when it comes to Knob and Tube rewiring.

Knob and Tube wiring is an electric wiring technology used until the 1930s. It makes use of copper conductors and porcelain insulating tubes that if not properly corrected, could become fire and electrical shock hazards. The latest developments in modern construction, particularly in electrical wiring eventually outdated this type of electrical wiring system. It however still is being used in many homes across the United States because not all homes have considered rewiring. If you are unsure as to the last time your older home has been inspected for electrical safety and maintenance, it will be I your family’s best interest to have a s home safety inspection, so as to determine possible safety issues specifically the existing wiring system used in your home. Should the certified electrician discover that your home’s wiring system is that of a Knot and Tube then Green Electric Solutions can help you in your rewiring concerns. We can immediately replace your wiring with a safer, modern, and most cost-effective electrical wiring solution which is copper wires.

If you suspect that your home still uses Knob and Tube Wiring, give us a call and we will conduct a no-obligation inspection complemented with a free cost estimate. We will walk you through the whole rewiring process that will help you to have a safer, and NEC-compliant property. We promise to be as least invasive as we can as we work on the whole home rewiring process.

Schedule Your Electrician’s Visit today

At Green Electric Solutions we endeavor to offer you top-notch quality electrician contractor services that you can afford. Our Electricians are all certified, licensed, and widely experienced. We have also conducted extensive background checks on them to give you the peace of mind while they work on your home or commercial property. Our company is also fully-bonded and insured, which means that you are well protected if and when damage occurs in relation to the service rendered to your property.

We also see to it that we provide prompt service, as we maintain our being punctual regardless if the requested service is routine or emergency in nature. We also assure you that we will keep you informed the rest of the way, as we clearly communicate with you all the plans, procedures, as well as developments in the electrical task that we are undertaking. Apart from valuing your time and property, we also value your money as we endeavor to find the most cost-effective solutions to your home rewiring concern. We also respect your premises, as we clean up after our job is done.

Should you happen to have more questions with regard to our home rewiring services, or any electrical requirement, please do not hesitate to call our 24/7 hotline via (858) 480-6559. Call us up today.

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